Blakkmoney Entertainment & Signature Series Arts Present ‘NYC Empire Strikes Back’

Blakkmoney Entertainment & Signature Series Arts Present 'NYC Empire Strike Back'

With Blakkmoney Entertainment  and Signature Series Arts “NYC Empire Strikes Back” event several days away, they have decided to deliver a detailed breakdown of several artists billed to perform at the Summer spectacle. Take a look and judge for yourself who you would want to pay to witness between the openers ,mid card and headliners.

Aaron Knight 

Aaron Knight can be experienced flooding the internet with a stream of chart-making singles, music videos , and media appearances that has acquired up to 300,000 viewer hits. Coming out of the momentum of his already sold out High-line Ballroom concert Aaron Knight looks to capture the imagination of the audience at the #NYCESBEVENT . Aaron Knight’s style is synthesizing urban vocal tune with a blend of rouge lyrics and contemporary likeness.

Ciph Boogie

Brooklyn rising talent Ciph Boogie has been making a mark on the local music scene consistently with the release of several official music videos that has earned well over a combined 5,000 views on YouTube and has been seen on several indie blogs on the circuit. Ciph Boogie is known for being the winning artist for the Main Event theme song on the #1 sports network in the world ESPN. As well as been featured as a headliner at NYC’S “Southpaw” venue. Ciph Boogie now looks to bring the freight this Summer to the “NYC Empire Strikes Back” event. With his latter-day presence and verve lyrics on beats Ciph will look to steal the night for the event as well as leave audience in remembrance of his name and music.

John da Jawn

Despite the delay on his forth coming mixtape ” Jawn’s Only”, John looks to direct the momentum traffic onto the stage by a string of music video release’s , and live performances. The young Marcy houses bred artist has a solid support system earned by his florescent and catchy theme songs and his wisdom like lyrics to follow up. He also shines on stage and gives a driven performance that will put a spark in the environment during the show.

Ru$ Grey 

Can’t stop gang has been delivering a roll out of exceptional talent from its roster as of late . The new name to manifest from the Brooklyn team is Ru$ Grey . Ru$ Grey is valued for his story telling ability and even tempered persona on and off stage. Ru$ lyrics is a combination of over thought punchlines with particular delivery and unique style to follow. Ru$ has been building his stage presence all over Brooklyn with multiple performing gigs under his belt , and will use the #NYCESBEVENT platform as a tool to earn fans before he headlines his own event “Before The Fame” concert July 28th, 2017.


With over 30,000 soundcloud listens and a thread of supporters to claim. The only female to hit the stage this Summer at the #NYCESBEVENT will be New York’s own Poiison. The Diva is best known for her fierce lyrical ability accessorized by her alluring style and cut throat visual factors. Her 2-track EP release “In The Mood” scored 20,000 soundcloud listeners followed by her 900,000 listens of her feature “Greedy” with another hip-hop rising artist Bantana . Poiison is no stranger to the stage front as she has been featured on several events in NYC representing herself her audience and women artist in general.

Yun Nostra 

Yun Nostrawill be hitting the stage this Summer at the “NYC Empire Strikes Back” event. Nostra has gained popularity with his music as being one of the current independent artist known to reflect the visual sound and image of today’s hip-hop and soul. Nostra can tap into several music genres along with crafting his own production and engineering. His contemporary style can blend with current music yet leave an unique energy on any record he’s on. He already has released a full length album on Itunes ” The Yun EP” and a rising mixtape “The Prospect”. All acquiring over 15,000 listens and views on social media. Nostra has performed for several top promotions as well as taken his art live at premiere music venues in and out of NYC. He looks to captivate the signature crowd this Summer at the #NYCESBEVENT.

Zay Nailer

Zay Nailer has been making noise on the independent scene as of late with the release of his music video “How Can You” directed by popular director Benji Filmz. Nailer has earned 30,000 YouTube views as well as several thousand sound cloud hits. All the while racking up a plethora of fans and supporters in the process. His unique and addictive style will be anticipated to be bought to life at the #NYCESBEVENT , and people will be watching to see if he can leave his mark on the Signature stage.

Blakkmoney Entertainment & Signature Series Arts Present 'NYC Empire Strike Back'

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