Locksmith ft. Rebecca Nobel – Home

Locksmith ft. Rebecca Nobel – Home video

Bay Area MC is back with a new video for his ‘Home‘ track after releasing his LP. Locksmith shares words that try to help people believe in themselves with help from a few great musicians.

“And it’s like we’re only grateful for the things we have after we lose them/once they go awry we deny it in disillusion/ it took me to this point in my life to finally acknowledge/ I could never keep a girl if I use them for my amusement now every new muse that I momentarily move with/I mutually have to feel they can deal with me doing music/but it’s hard to stay muted when the temperature is humid/and it’s human nature to feel hatred than rather look foolish/Assuming that it suits the issue i’m the first to admit my basis for choosing women was superficial/I would repeat the same steps then expect new results and be repulsed by the actions that I was forced to live through but it’s only me that faltered”

Watch Locksmith’s “Home” video below and get his new album Olive Branch on iTunes.

DJ Kenni Starr

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