Mike Tess – Looking Glass (EP)

Mike Tess - Looking Glass (EP)

After some time away from our pages, Mike Tess release his ‘Looking Glass’ EP.

Looking Glass” is another term, for the word “mirror”. If you look at the cover, I’m looking in the mirror, and seeing an evil side of myself. I’ve learned it’s better to face your demons, and walk with them, before you try and push them away – They’ll never truly leave, if you fail to do so. Looking Glass speaks of love, heartbreak, drugs, depression and suicide. This project was created off pure emotion, followed by lonely nights. Looking Glass won’t be for everyone, shit, some may feel uncomfortable at times, and that’s ok. Others might call me crazy, but I feel bad for the people who’ve never gone crazy, this is how I l̶o̶s̶t̶ found myself.

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