AWKWORD – “World View” Album Review


The first ever 100% for charity project is upon us. Awkword dropped “World View” yesterday and made history with it as he collaborated with artists from 18 different countries. ALL proceeds from World View are being donated to Guns 4 Cameras, a 501c3 nonprofit that goes beyond the gun exchange, working to eradicate street violence through the Hip Hop-inspired education and empowerment of the youth in our communities.

What Awkword managed to do very well on World View is showcase his lyrical ability and his awareness to world events. He speaks of the hypocrisy in America (“Melting Pot”) and the dark reality of rape (“Rape”). He has a way of serving hard-hitting rhymes that keeps the listener locked in without getting repetitive.

What this album does is take you on a ride that may surprise most. You get a lot politically charged references in his music. The production level is wide ranging from the U.S. to Serbia which includes Harry Fraud, Domingo, AWKWORD Numonics, Anno Domini [UK], ATG, Steel Tipped Dove, Fafu, The White Shadow [Norway], Dominant1 [Malawi], The Militia [South Africa], Dismas [Romania], Trilian [Serbia]. The project also has a list of features with the likes of  Joell Ortiz, Sean Price, Chino XL, KRS-One, Slug (of Atmosphere), Jadakiss, Sha Stimuli and more.

One of our favorite tracks would have to be “Melting Pot” featuring Chaundon. The two are masterful on this record, forming a one two punch like the best alley-oop from a Point Guard to Center in the NBA. The track, courtesy of Numonics, boast what sounds like a dark trumpet and hard hitting drums.

“We don’t pick our President just ask your State Senator…We still trying to con to terms…Slavery etcetera…you wonder why we so mad America, America”

“Throw Away The Key” has to be another of our favorites |produced by L.Ment| plays commentator questioning the Stop and Frisk law in New York, while intricately illustrating the hardships of the people. He focuses on the morality of mankind with gems such as “Afraid you’ll get locked up they’ll throw away the key/They free to move across the ain’t even free/ Still awaitin’ retrials for drug deals in New York / Overcrowded Louisiana, California it’s sport / Chicago is a wasteland even colder in the summer no education program now they murdering each other .”

“They just stop ’em and frisk…You better move real lightly..I heard the got a contest, ask Bill O’Reilly”

All in all, World View should keep listeners interested as it has really good production and doesn’t miss lyrically. Awkword put together a great project for a worthy cause—no question about it—we think he hit a home run with “World View”. 

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