T-Qron – Tha QRONiCals Mixtape |Review|

T-Qron - The QroincalsTha QRONiCals Mixtape |Review|

T-Qron as much as we know is the only Pakistani artist currently in Hip Hop. Vol. 1 of Tha QRONiCals was released five years ago and may have been overlooked by many. As an artist from Hawaii there are many obstacles that must be hurdled in order to get people take notice. He is building his brand so much that he is able to get people like Havoc, Kool G Rap and Daz Dillinger to name a few to join him on vol. 2 of Tha QRONiCals.

On his latest mixtape, Tha QRONiCals Vol. 2, T-Qron took something people tried to use against him and owned it. Coming out of Hawaii it is necessary to come very strong so that people take notice. It also helps when the tape is hosted by 1/4 of Slaughterhouse and Long Beach general KXNG Crooked.

“I’m from a city they probably didn’t see as a threat/’cause ain’t nobody make it up in the industry as of yet/like we don’t got a team that should be gettin’ respect/well consider me I am the epitome of the best/I’m friends with people who dream of beatin’ me in the chest/’cause they bitch love me the death/ easily I impress on the internet ladies solicitin’ my address/leaving messages, she twittin’ of meetin’ me in the flesh/I’m everything you can’t be, you know that’s why you angry/they keep coming back for more like they name Mandy/this ain’t a kiddy movie you Bamby, industry a bitch, never let it run you over like a stampedes.” This verse from “Take My Life Away” takes aim at people who don’t like him.
The mixtape is void of trap music and includes the head-hunting banger “Ready For War” where T-Qron rapped about how the stories that people tell are all fables, and “Inferno,” in which he tells people who he has opened up for and lets people know that he has rocked every club in his home town.
With ten years into building his career really shows his lyrical prowess on Vol. 2. An example of that, this is what can be heard on the track “Inferno,” “What is that I hear another queer talkin’, y’all can hate/y’all debate, I’ll just make money, it’s been a awesome day/they believin’ every word that’s coming out of they mouth/but they ain’t never coming out in the South or North or the East/they ain’t never coming out of they house/I’m going in, grab your spouse and I come in her mouth……with flows like Canibus with a following like evangelists.”
With only one song coming in under three minutes long, this mixtape served as exhibition of what T-Qron has to over to Hip Hop. Anyone who likes tracks that do not glorify the so-called street life, “Tha QRONiCals” Vol. 2 is a very solid listen.

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