Endemic Emerald & Skanks the Rap Martyr – ‘Rapsploitation’ Album Review

Endemic Emerald & Skanks the Rap Martyr – ‘Rapsploitation’ Album Review

Endemic Emerald and Skanks the Rap Martyr join forces to bring us this new album titled ‘Rapsploitation’. This 12 track album is sure to grab your attention.

Endemic Emerald and Skanks the Rap Martyr connect for this collaborative album opus titled Rapsploitation. Producer Endemic first met Skanks in Brooklyn mid-2013 when he first touched down in NYC. The duo built on the Nostrand Ave blocks and started to work instantly as they shared a similar stance on Hip Hop.

Endemic Emerald, the UK born producer provides an array of beats that allows Skanks’ lyrical content to shine through. Tracks like ‘You Gone Learn’ featuring Shabaam Sahdeeq and Kasim Allah who helps understand what their pens do and ‘Make Believe’ featuring Berry Boo, P General and Halie Ali takes aim at artist selling their souls to get their deals.

Listeners are immediately immersed into the many things that ail Hip Hop. Skanks of the Bankai Fam should be known to those dedicated Hip Hop fans. The Brooklyn artist has been giving Hip Hop jewels for years now so should not be surprised by his present-day rap papers. “We bros though we both came out our mothers’ womb, so I’m a fuck up whoever stole my chain out my brother’s room, every day and night I write bars so out of sight they’ll still make JJ say dyn-o-mite,” as he tells a story of pain on ‘The Pain Of Life’.

Not only does Straight Out Da NYC takes us back to the boom bap that used to be what New York was known for, it further separates him from the New York artists that have decided to take a page out of the of the Atlanta playbook. This boom bap single features Shatike and Rim da Villain. It’s personal with a straightforward message letting other artists know where they are from. With the title track, there’s surface race and equality subject that is presented over an ominous beat.

With Rapsploitation, Skanks speaks to the events that have taken place recently from the murders of Eric Garner and Sandra Bland to the destruction of Bill Coby’s image in the media. The track ‘Trouble’ is impactful and heartfelt and succeeds at balancing out traditional drums with original music composition. Skanks and E Class Wright are skilled at emceeing, and we are sure many people think this topic has been overstated but this is a reality for many of us across this country. Fortunately, the message from ‘Rapsploitation’ is jam-packed with honesty and conviction, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for Hip Hop with a meaning. The album drops tomorrow, May 26 via No Cure Records.

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