Experience The Musical Rollercoaster: 8ch2Owens & Tali Rodriguez Unleash ‘The Art Attack’

8ch2Owens & Tali Rodriguez - Art Attack

Get ready for a musical rollercoaster as 8ch2Owens and Tali Rodriguez drop their highly anticipated album, “The Art Attack.” This project, which began in 2023 and wrapped up just last month, is a testament to 8ch2Owens’ resilience and creativity. With contributions from close friends like DJ Glibstylez, C.Greg, Whichcraft, Prince Divine, Sankofa Fort Wayne, and Seven Starr, “The Art Attack” is poised to make waves in the Hip-Hop community.

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We kickoff the review with “8.C.H.,” a track that demands listeners to spell 8ch’s name right and recognize his lyrical genius. With his pen on autopilot, 8ch flexes his skills, likened to wielding Thamos Infinity Gauntlet, unleashing his superpowers on the mic. Remember, it’s 8ch with an 8. Following this powerful opener is “Coastin’” featuring DJ Glibstylez. Despite its laid-back title, this track is an adrenaline-fueled ride. Tali Rodriguez spices up the beat with a sample from Special Ed, creating a fast-paced narrative about driving without a license for 20 years. It’s a thrill ride for fans who love high-energy rap.

On “Cuban Hugh Jackman,” 8ch transforms into a lyrical beast, drawing parallels to Wolverine. His fierce delivery and sharp bars make it clear—challenging 8ch on the mic is a mistake. This track showcases his raw talent and tenacity. Transitioning from intensity to celebration, “Get Up” featuring Ms Moka Rockz is an energetic party anthem. With infectious beats and lively rhymes, 8ch ensures this track will have listeners smiling and moving. It’s a perfect addition to any party playlist.

Good And Bad” featuring Whichcraft and Prince Divine takes a more reflective turn. This motivational anthem speaks to the struggles and triumphs we all face, urging listeners to persevere through tough times. It’s a powerful reminder to keep pushing forward, no matter the odds. Next up is “Jackson Pollock,” a standout track that brings back the essence of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop. With a seamless back-and-forth between 8ch and C.Greg, and Tali Rodriguez’s masterful production, this track drips with authenticity and skill.

Party Hats” is a certified club banger. With Tali’s infectious beats and 8ch’s engaging rhymes, this track is destined for heavy rotation in clubs. DJ Glibstylez’s scratches add an extra layer of excitement, making it a fan favorite. However, the mood shifts with “Responsibility (The Burden),” a more introspective track where 8ch addresses his autoimmune condition and the struggles it brings. Despite the challenges, he emphasizes the importance of self-improvement and determination. This track resonates deeply with anyone facing personal battles.

The Beauty Of It All” features Seven Starr and Sankofa Fort Wayne, beautifully produced by Tali Rodriguez. This track encourages listeners to appreciate the beauty around them, offering a soulful reminder to find joy in the little things. Finally, we close out the review with “Who.” This soulful exploration of 8ch’s Cuban heritage and life in Dade County, featuring Tali Rodriguez, keeps listeners guessing and engaged with its rich storytelling and intricate rhymes.

“The Art Attack” by 8ch2Owens and Tali Rodriguez is a must-listen for Hip-Hop fans. This album, set to release on July 5, 2024, on Bandcamp, showcases the duo’s versatility and depth. From high-energy anthems to introspective tracks, 8ch2Owens and Tali Rodriguez have created a project that resonates on multiple levels. Support independent Hip-Hop artists and experience the artistry of “The Art Attack.”

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