Jaguar – 2012 XJL Ultimate

2013 Jaguar XJL Ultimate

The Jaguar XJL Ultimate captures the essential Jaguar design elements of elegance, muscularity, sleekness and 2013 Jaguar XJL UltimateInteriorstrength. The model, in a full size luxury sedan featuring bespoke British craftsmanship, boasts a lightweight aluminum construction that provides benefits in terms of emissions and fuel consumption, allowing the XJL Ultimate to provide astonishing performance with respectable efficiency. You could say it offers the amenities usually found in a private jet, extending the car’s appeal to provide a fully-appointed luxury business class experience. Features include a rear seat business table that elevates at the touch of a button, a rear center illuminated chiller box, and bespoke beverage flutes available in a dedicated storage area beneath the powered table. The XJL Ultimate is priced at $155,000 and will have production exclusivity, with only 30 models to be made available in the U.S. in the bespoke color of Black Amethyst.


Courtesy of: Automotive Rhythms

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