2019 Rolls-Royce Ghost: Practically Perfect

2019 Rolls-Royce Ghost Practically Perfect
Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins, Photos by Garvin St. Villier

Every now and then you have to show signs of greatness, which is what I did exactly during my16th wedding anniversary as spectators bore witness to this royal asset that reigned supreme in Chevy Chase, MD over an extended weekend. Accordingly, welcome to Goodwood lineage where $428,900 sanctifies you with British Supremacy in the most awe-inspiring fashions.

The 2019 Rolls-Royce Ghost is practically perfect in all facets from the majestic performance of the 6.6-liter, 48-valve aluminum-alloy V12 which feels pure behind the wheel to the multi-link rear suspension featuring self-leveling air springs with anti-roll stabilization and electronic variable damping control. My elder chum George Maggot, who flew across the pond from London with his daughter to help us celebrate, was absolutely appeased in the rear lounge and stated that he felt no motion as if to be on a yacht. At the time I was pacing at about 50 mph. Of course the performance from the German engine and 8-speed automatic transmission pairing produces euphoria since it’s almost unfathomable that such a sizeable vehicle can move that swiftly. Yet, I mostly drove slowly to allure the people with the Ghost’s substantial presence. Expect 12 city and 18 highway mpg. Also take special note of the transmission’s sporty “low mode” found on the gear selector which allows for faster acceleration by setting the vehicle in first gear opposed to second gear.

2019 Rolls-Royce Ghost Practically Perfect

As impactful as the Ghost is to modern society, it is not the crown jewel of the family. That title goes to the honorable Phantom. Even so, don’t you just love the mysterious and mystical monikers of Rolls-Royce vehicles? Yet, the Ghost allows you to drive yourself opposed to hiring a chauffeur which is what the Phantom is purposely built for. You are to be escorted in a Phantom while enjoying the rear compartment amenities. Nevertheless, everyone I came into contact with from a few sports influencers to business luminaries were enamored with the luxurious chariot and its $20,700 Iced Selby Grey hue and Iced Clear Coat finish. The package includes 21” 10-spoke forged rims with self-righting wheel centers, the hideaway Spirit of Ecstasy that goes ghost on you when the vehicle is locked, rear coach doors, the elongated aluminum hood and a massive upright grille. In fact, anyone would feel like British Royalty inside the opulent interior of a Rolls-Royce Ghost.

My wife Misa came home from a long out-of-town work week to the sites of the RR sitting in our driveway. We packed for Chevy Chase and immediately headed to The Collection to pick out a newfangled statement piece and one of those signature blue boxes at Tiffany & Co. Guests will always be charmed by the high-end boutique’s impeccable customer service and offerings of jewelry, watches and home embellishments. Across the way we strolled into Saks Fifth Ave and ordered a Corneliani academy plaid single-breasted suit to pair with my Goorin fedora that would outline the anniversary ride. As day turned to evening Misa became bedazzled by the Rolls-Royce starlight headliner which is literally akin to a darkened sky full of shinning stars. The melodious flow of Duke Ellington channeled through the Rolls-Royce in-house designed and engineered 16-speaker, 600-watt Bespoke Audio system distinguished by classy metal speaker grilles.

2019 Rolls-Royce Ghost Practically Perfect

Thankfully it was gorgeous out with a clear expanse and 70-degree weather. But oh dear, it would be unconscionable to forget the royal umbrella if it had rained! No problem since a pair of $1,475 Commissioned Collection umbrellas in black are embedded within the two front doors for easy access and storage.

That morning was a planned Sunday Brunch so we picked up George and Brigitte and headed towards Bethesda for green tea and organic salads at True Foods Kitchen. Mr. Maggot spent most of his career as a contractor for international governments and recalls fond Rolls-Royce moments during his tenure in the Middle East. Subsequently, he was thankful for the ghostly experience. Specifically, I pointed out the pillow-like headrests and fluffy lambswool footmats that are more like exotic rugs. George whimsically labeled them his magic carpets.

Once inside the vibrational Rolls-Royce cabin you feel just as comforted here as the entertainment room in your home. The full-leather, bespoke interior is decorated with Selby Grey leather chairs outlined in Consort Red contrast stitching, a black leather headliner, Spirit of Ecstasy Rotary Controller (similar to parent company BMW’s iDrive), 10.2” display and a two-toned steering wheel which could be much thicker in my opinion. Dully note that all operational functions are simple to locate and engage from the large temperature dials to the eight favorite tabs (also borrowed from BMW).

2019 Rolls-Royce Ghost Practically Perfect

Even with all the comforts in the Ghost, Rolls-Royce still builds a safety focused vehicle with preventative technologies such as Park Distance Control, Cornering Brake Control, Night Vision with Pedestrian Recognition, Lane Departure Warning and High Beam Assistance to name a few. Such assurance is always welcomed when loved ones are the center point of your cerebral awareness during drive time.

The British automaker’s eminence is surpassed by no other in the ultra-elite, luxury automotive segment. They are the corps d’elite, the Romeo and Juliet of love stories and the Balinese vacation for lovers. As such, we were thankful for the romantic weekend highlighted by laughter, enchantments and friendship. As they say in Goodwood to acknowledge a Rolls-Royce breezing by, “it’s the business!”

2019 Rolls-Royce Ghost Practically Perfect
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