Es & Pandamonium - The Connected EP

Es & Pandamonium – The Connected EP

Es and Pandamonium release their new album titled “The Connected EP.” “The Connect EP” is a collaborative project between Canadian emcee, Es and United Kingdom DJ/Producer/Engineer, DJ Pandamonium. The two connected via a DJ Pandamonium […]

Gripz - Sewage (EP)

Gripz – Sewage (EP)

Gripz releases a new EP titled “Sewage” to hold us over until his next full-length project. Today we get the new EP from the DMV artist named Gripz. Gripz has been featured on our site […]

TwonDon - God Complex

TwonDon – God Complex

TwonDon is back with his new “God Complex” EP. Jersey bred artist Twondon has teamed up with producer Plan B ’85 to create this 10-minute masterpiece titled ‘God Complex.’ In a span of 3 records, […]