5 Essential Secret Steps to Success in the Music Business

by: Star Riley for SpitFireHipHop.com

When it comes to success in the music business many people with dreams of stardom forget the fact that BUSINESS is the biggest part of the two word combination. The following strategies focus on the biggest factor in “business” and that factor is marketing!

SFHH LOGOStep 1: To really have the best chance of successfully marketing your music you should start with a destination in mind and build a plan that takes you step by step towards its accomplishment.

*Create a time-line based on Action *–> Results –> Action 2 –> Review –>Action 3 etc


Make sure each big goal is broken into sequences and steps that move you closer and closer to accomplishing your goal.

Step 2: Create a support group your inner circle often referred to as your master mind group or TEAM. Keep in mind a good team may have individual ideas and dreams but should agree that together more opportunity and speed of attaining success would be a natural result.

When creating a TEAM, be open to having members who bring different attributes and skill sets.

Step 3: As an artist develop a SUPER persona go GAGA with it the public demands and supports celebrities who magnify certain aspects of life.  Be aware of your nature and stay ground but when in public your image should call attention and stand out.

Look at the mannerisms and speech of the highest level Artists in your musical genre, while some people do get caught up in the sex, drugs and rock and roll of the industry more successful people separate their personal from their public persona and are much more stable people than you might think.

Step 4: Build the Brand Feed the Buzz – when it comes to developing your marketing machine use everything to build your buzz.

Use the internet and social media to market 24 hours a day and empower your growing fan-base with the tools and power even if it’s just a constant flow of information to promote your brand.

Step 5: Value your relationships going outside your inner circle and networking with other successful and influential people across a broad spectrum of fields that touch directly or indirectly “the business” by attracting the right people you can grow your team and expand your operational influence.

When possible hire the best people you can find invest and re-invest into yourself based on your Game plan.  One strategy I find the best people use is to locate people who are coming up in the ranks in their own right and investing in their  success, this builds loyalty and gets premium services at a staring rate.

Hopefully you found some value in this article and will continue to support the website your visiting now as this article is shared with other sites in an effort to provide the public with quality helpful information.  If you or your team is looking for a Social Media expert Star Riley can be found working with www.myUSAlocal.com helping small business grow using the internet and social media channels.

Star”Your Online Friend” Riley

“The Only Thing Better Than Doing It Yourself”


Your main task as a business owner is to be a strategist, to bring your vision to life, NOT to get overly busy with content creation, writing, website design, video editing, email communication, customer support etc.




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