SoundExchange Has New Reciprocal Digital Performance Royalty Collection Agreement In Canada

SoundExchangeSOUNDEXCHANGE has signed a new reciprocal agreement to collect performance royalties on behalf of its recording artist and record label members for certain uses of their sound recordings in CANADA.

SOUNDEXCHANGE, a U.S.-based music industry non-profit that helps the music and creative community thrive in the digital world, now holds more than 20 international agreements with other sound recording performance collecting societies from around the world.

“This agreement with RE:SOUND is the most recent example of our efforts to maximize worldwide royalty payments for our recording artist and record label members, in every way possible,” said SOUNDEXCHANGE Pres. MICHAEL HUPPE. “As such, we are increasing our foreign reciprocal agreements, ensuring that U.S.-based recording artists and labels receive payment for their digital performances wherever their sound recordings are used — whether in CANADA or around the globe.”


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