10 Ways to Take Control of Your Music Career

by: Chris Robley

10 Ways To ControlIt’s no secret that digital technology has enabled independent artists to successfully run their own careers. The real secret is HOW!

Here are 10 ways you can take control, reach new fans, connect with old ones, and get your music career moving in the right direction.

The do-it-yourself musician’s checklist:

1. Conveniently manage the physical and digital distribution of your music.

2. Promote, sell, and share your music across Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

3. Establish a presence on YouTube and Vimeo with affordable music videos.

4. Book your own sustainable and profitable tours.

5. Handle your own college, commercial, and internet radio promotion.

6. Record and release your music on your timeline.

7. Control your online identity by directly managing data.

8. License your music for TV, film, commercials, games, and apps, and earn money.

9. Maintain your own online presence with a pro blog or website.

10.  “Crowdfund” your next creative project.

Yep—it’s a lot of work. But you didn’t become an independent musician for the leisurely ride, did you?

Have you been running all aspects of your music career? How’s it going? Where are the rough spots? Where have you had big successes? let us know in the comments section below.

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