Rhapsody – Lets Android People Collect Music with Microphones

by Eliot Van Buskirk

Rhapsody, which bills itself as “America’s #1 digital music subscriptions service (Spotify comes from SRhapsody Lets Android People Collect Music with Microphonesweden), unveiled a neat app today that lets Android users identify songs as they play over speakers.

Rhapsody SongMatch (free) lets premium Rhapsody subscribers add these songs to their collection instantly, so basically, you can collect music wherever you go, storing it all in the cloud, using only this app and the microphone in your Android smartphone. If you don’t subscribe to Rhapsody, you can still use the app, although in that case, it basically works like any other MusicID app: It identifies the song, album, and artist, and lets you share your discovery via social networks.

It’s ad-free, because part of the point is to lure non-subscribers into subscribing to Rhapsody, which they can do in a “hassle-free” way from within the app.

“Our customers are music lovers who tell us they use a variety of mobile apps to solve their listening needs and discover new music,”” said Rhapsody worldwide product and design senior vice president Paul Springer in a statement. “But they get frustrated with advertisements and the lack of full playback. We built Rhapsody SongMatch to seamlessly integrate with our core experience to connect the fun and convenience of mobile apps with full on-demand playback for both subscribers and new customers.”

Rhapsody SongMatch relies on audio fingerprinting technology from Gracenote. For now, it’s Android-only, but Rhapsody says it’s working on similar apps for other platforms.

SongMatch isn’t quite as cool, conceptually speaking, as “Moggles,” but it’s arguably more useful, because we hear far more songs than we see album covers.

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