Music Projects – More than 5,000 funded by Kickstarter in 2012

by Tim Ingham

SFHH Logo 250X250Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has revealed statistics demonstrating the behaviour of its contributors in 2012.

The four-year-old site helped Amanda Palmer to raise more than $1.2m for her album campaign last year.

The new stats reveal that 2,241,475 people in 177 countries pledged money in 2012, offering a total of $319,786,629 – a year-on-year rise of 221%. Backers pledged $606.76 per minute over the course of the year.

This money successfully funded 18,109 projects, to which $274m was directly pledged.

Of the 2.2 million people who backed a project in 2012, 570,672 people backed two or more projects, 50,047 people backed ten or more projects and 452 people backed 100 or more projects.

Music projects enjoyed more successful funding than any other category, with 5,067 out of 9,086 attempts. There were just under $35 million in pledges for music projects from 1.38 million people – up 84% from $19 million in 2011.

Games had the most money pledged at $83.1 million for 911 projects – an average of $60.22 per pledge.

Film and video had more projects launched than music at 9,600 but fewer of them were successful (3,891)

Film, Music, Publishing, and Theater each had more than 1,000 funded projects.

Including Palmer, 17 projects raised $1 million+ in 2012 .

Kickstarter launched in the UK at the end of last year and raised £2m in its first month.

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