Music Markets – These Are the World’s Most Valuable

by  Paul Resnikoff

These are the world’s most valuable music markets, according to just-released recording revenue figures released by industry trade group IFPI.  The size of each flag is based on the country’s revenue contribution for 2012.      

The music industry counted $16.48 billion in recording revenues last year, with the US and Japan easily accounting for half of that pie. 

In descending order, the top markets are (1) USA, (2) Japan, (3) UK, (4) Germany, (5) France, (6) Australia, (7) Canada, (8) Brazil, (9) Italy, (10) Netherlands, (11) South Korea, (12) Sweden, (13) Spain, (14) India, (15) Mexico, (16) Switzerland, (17) Belgium, (18) Norway, (19) Austria, (20) China.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the top 5 countries…

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