Corporate Corner – Watch out iTunes, 20% Of All BlackBerry World Sales Are From Music

by Luke Johnson

BlackBerry World Logo

Apps have quickly become the must-have base for all smartphone users and platforms, but BlackBerry has found that music is still a driving force in digital sales, accounting for 20 per cent of all BlackBerry World purchases.

While there is no denying the success of iTunes to Apple, a number of other manufacturers have failed to fully capitalise on the digital music sales market. However, Canadian handset and platform creator BlackBerry has suggested it is seeing unparalleled success on the music front.

“20 per cent of overall purchases on BlackBerry World is music,” Charlie Miller, BlackBerry’s Director of Alliances said. Speaking exclusively with TrustedReviews he added: “That’s just music, not movie and TV and that’s a lot higher than some.”

While not naming names, Miller revealed that this one fifth split is notably higher than many of BlackBerry’s main rivals. He stated: “I can’t comment on the other guys, but what I can say is that proportionally that is a very high number.”

With an increased use of its music purchasing facilities, BlackBerry has hinted that it could be reaping higher monetary rewards that some of its rivals, with album sales also significantly higher than what is expected of such a mobile digital content outlet.

“The breakdown of sales is a really interesting trend that we follow,” Miller said. “Right now, we see a higher proportion of album sales than is typical. Still the primary purchase is singles but we do see a very high number of album sales coming through.”

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