Sign The Petition – Make Sure All Music Creators Are Credited On Digital Tracks

by Clyde Smith

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Titled “Give Fans The Credit,” the campaign’s not particularly difficult to get behind and might even be something that musicians can agree on for a change.

The petition is straightforward and states:

“True music fans want to be able to access all of the information about our favorite music online, and we believe digital music services should include credits for the songwriters, musicians, producers and engineers on the screen, just as they do for the artist and song. Let’s give both music fans and creators the credit they deserve.”

Honorary Ambassadors have been appointed by The Recording Academy to spread awareness including:

“12-time GRAMMY-winning producer T Bone Burnett; GRAMMY-winning songwriter Lamont Dozier; singer/songwriter/percussionist Sheila E.; singer/songwriter Skylar Grey; five-time GRAMMY-winning producer/songwriter Jimmy Jam; two-time GRAMMY-winning producer/songwriter RedOne; and three-time GRAMMY-winning producer Don Was.”

As the press release states:

“As liner notes are becoming less common, these creators rarely receive credit on digital players. Currently, the only credits consumers are generally able to see are the song title and artist; but music fans want and should have access to the rest of the information: the songwriter who composed the work, the producers and engineers who created the sound, and the musicians who bring the song to life.”

And as Lamont Dozier points out:

“As a producer and songwriter for many Motown hits, I was privileged to work with the Funk Brothers, Motown’s legendary session band. But fans who listen to those songs on digital players don’t even see their names. Let’s ‘Give Fans the Credit’ — not just for songwriters like me, but for so many talented musicians who made the Motown sound what it is.”

While casual consumers may not really care, I know that I learned a lot about who was making music happen by checking out the credits on liner notes. In particular, once I started paying attention to producers, it really opened my eyes to see certain names showing up on one great album after another.

Giving credit where credit is due is just the right thing to do.

So please go sign the petition!

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