Networking With Passion: Practical Personal Development

by Alex Shalman

Top 8 Singles: December 13 – December 19Your passion should be a compelling and overwhelming desire that drives you to share, open up, and be the kind of person that lives it. When you find this passion, you will feel ready to literally give your life for it. If you spend your whole life pursuing it, doing it, and being it, you are giving this passion the time that comprises your life.

It’s been years since I’ve written on the site, although the archive of articles from the blog have been serving tens of thousands of monthly readers. It makes me happy knowing that the hundreds of hours of energy I put into content creation is still serving the greater good and providing value to people, even though all I’ve been doing is keeping the lights on in this place.

No, I didn’t stop reading, learning, and growing, and I didn’t even stop sharing, but I did put 100% of my time, energy, and passion into becoming the best at something else. My passion to become the greatest cosmetic dentist has led me to meet a whole new network of inspirational and motivated people, and it’s been a fun ride since I initially started dental school in 2009.

I had an overwhelming urge to write and share today, because I recently met a very good looking young girl who didn’t smile. It made me curious. We chatted a bit, I told her what I do, and she revealed to me that she doesn’t smile because her teeth are crooked, funny looking, too small, and it makes her self conscious.

My response was, “I hate that you feel that way about your smile, and it makes me sad, because you’re a gorgeous girl, and I would love nothing better in life than to see you smile and laugh and be more confident. When that happens you’ll stand taller, be more powerful and assertive, and just be that much happier because you’ll always be laughing. That’s what I’m giving my time and my life towards and what’s important to me. We’re gonna get you there, I promise.”

I didn’t come up to her, analyze her smile, discuss the change in tooth proportions we can accomplish, how I’m going to move her teeth or bond veneers, or anything technical like that. I let her know from my heart the vision that I have for her and for all the people in my life, who I want to see happy, healthy, and powerful, so they can go through life following their passion and spreading their own personal brand of joy.

Whenever people share their true passion with me, I can feel it, it chills me to the bone, and I can’t help but get excited. As much as health, beauty, and personal development are three important pillars of my personal brand, I believe that networking is what connects it all for me. When I hear this passion in others, I automatically want to be of service, help them on their way, and introduce them to the people on a similar path so they can cross paths and become more powerful in the presence of one another.

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