UMG Releases Analytical Tool for Artists

Universal Music Group (UMG) has just released a new app for its artists that will provide them and their management teams both analytics from the leading music streaming services as well as insights from the top social media platforms.

Dubbed Universal Music Artists (UMA), the app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, offers centralized analytics from data provided by Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and YouTube, with Deezer added next year. The app’s social insights come from data provided by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

While many music streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music, already offer analytical solutions, UMA lets UMG artists track all platforms from a single app. Among the information artists and their teams can collect from the app includes total audience and total streams, and the app can break this information down by songs and videos.

Artists can further use the app to view their top 40 tracks broken down by platform, country and demographics.

The app also measures engagement on streaming platforms, and it updates every 30 minutes while having the ability to send push notifications of important events.

In terms of social media, the app can track the number of followers as well as interactions such as comments, likes and shares. It can also track performance based on those interactions.

Andrew Gertler, who is the manager of Shawn Mendes, says of the app, “It’s great to have a comprehensive analytical tool like UMA to access real-time data and be able to make decisions with the most up to date information. We’ve always taken a holistic approach to the success of Shawn’s music, which means ensuring everything across all platforms is working in sync and watching how fans interact with music across all the major touchpoints including streaming, video and socials. This is all really only possible with innovative tools like this.”

Next year, along with the Deezer integration, UMG will update the app with enhanced benchmarks and insights.

Source: Digital Music News

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