E.M.S. – Age Of Discontent Vol. 1

E.M.S. - Age Of Discontent Vol. 1

E.M.S. releases their new EP titled “Age Of Discontent Vol. 1”.

In conjunction with the project’s release, Jersey’s E.M.S. crew is offering its long-awaited studio debut, A.O.D. Vol. 1. 

Engulfed in originality, A.O.D. Vol. 1 is an excellent introduction into the group’s many styles; their views on the world and a personal look into their life. ‘The Age of Discontent’ represents the life and way of thinking that is often hidden in today’s society and gives an in-depth description of the many vices in life that make the world turn—and helps you, the listener, better understand that what the media portrays isn’t always reality.

The album packs a total of 18 original jams from crewmates P$A, LG and MAI. Included are reader-approved singles .

Primary Fabrics” and “Got to Give.” James Vaval and Kay Love contribute guest vocals to the set, which features boardwork by Ben Free and Djay Cas, as well as in-house production by MAI. Musician Michael Stephenson provides live horns throughout.

E.M.S. - Age of Discontent Vol. 1 Back Cover

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