Shorts – Long Story Short (EP)

Shorts is back with his new “Long Story Short” EP.

White Plains, New York rapper Shorts presents Long Story Short, his new EP featuring Breeze Mantana and Kayne Precise, along with a promo video for the EP. The EP comes on the heels of visuals for “Good Space“ and “Money“. “‘Long story short’ is a common phrase used to sum things up or conclude something,” Shorts says about his new project. “It’s a phrase I happen to use often and recently I’ve been reminded by family that I’ve been using it for a while now.

I’m a very direct/to the point type of person so the title/ideology of ‘Long Story Short’ coincides well with who I am as an individual. Inspiration for this project all came from real life events… new encounters/breakups/disappointment/daily experiences all played a part during the creative process… as the process took place, it created a brief storyline, hence the title.”

Shorts - Long Story Short (EP)

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