Ryan Lee – It’s Mine And I Love It

Ryan Lee debuts on SpitFireHipHop with his “It’s Mine And I Love It” EP.

Ryan Lee one of the rising stars throughout the independent hip-hop scene in New Orleans surprisingly released his brand new surprise EP “It’s Mine and I Love It” on Thanksgiving 2016. With a medley of features and producers scatter through out the 10 track EP it is a must listen.

This is Ryan’s first solo effort since his widely praised collaboration with NOLA crooner Yuri Jones entitled “Oxytocin: It features other New Orleans artists such as Yuri himself, Soul songstress Luna Loxx, Longtime collaborator and TeamRAWREV member JEDI, NOLA emcee ED Nix, his brother Right Side Ronnie. Production from across the nation from Loop Analysis, Proda, Beatboy 1Da, Luna’s brother Mlj, and Ryan himself.

Ryan Lee - It's Mine And I Love It EP

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