Judah – Fuxk The Trap (EP)

Judah - Fuxk The Trap (EP)

Judah is back with his new ‘Fuxk The Trap’ (EP).

Judah drops off his new EP titled ‘Fuxk The Trap’. Some in and out of Hip Hop are little tire of “The Trap” and what it does to the people. Judah and a few artists, Fat $tackz, Dugee F. Buller, Young I, are not on board with glorifying the trap.

“With all the “Trap Music” in the market I just wanted to create something that’s anti trap but still using the sonics that trap music use. We wanted to show the other side of the Trap. The Trap is nothing to be glorified.” – Judah

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1. Trapping Season is in Full Swing 

2. Never Get Trapped in The Trap feat. Fat Stacks prod. by Judah 

3. The Streets Don’t Love Us Nigguhs feat. Flizzy, Black Indian and Young I prod. by Judah and Phresh 

4. The Spark (Interlude) 

5. Living In Hell feat. Young I prod. by Judah 

6. A Trappers Story feat. Flizzy 

7. What We Don’t Want to Hear (Interlude) 

8. Homicide feat. AWOL, Dugee prod. by Judah Additional production E. Larson


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