Shameless Plug ‘Bar Mitvah 2’ EP

Shameless Plug, a prominent emcee representing Brooklyn, returns with ‘Bar Mitvah 2’, a follow up to his last EP ‘Bar Mitvah’. The 4-track project will have Hip Hop enthusiasts head nodding throughout its entirety. Plug’s ingenious lyricism flows over a perfect blend of soulful and boom-bap cadences.

“Masters of Flow” serves as a brief introduction to Plug’s losses, illnesses, personal struggles, and beating the streets. He declares he is who he is today from it and “feels better when you start from zero.”  â€œWe Run Tings” follows suit stressing how struggles and downfalls shape us while acknowledging chance takers who put food on the table.

“A Cops Gun” is a pivotal hair-raising track, delivered with alarming yet actual and factual wordplay. Plug describes an all too familiar tale of police gone mad with gunfire robbing folks of innocence and freedom.

Plug takes it home in “Dome”, with a stern reminder of who he is and how he moves. 365 he’s making it happen not allowing anyone or anything to interfere. Stream ‘Bar Mitvah 2’ and connect with Shameless Plug @shamelessp5050.

Yoel Molina Law

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