Blazy – The Final Hour

Blazy returns today with his new ‘The Final Hour’ EP.

Blazy shares his new ‘The Final Hour‘ EP today. The EP is a true boom bap project. What is the meaning of the title? With the current state of affairs around they world, we hope this is not it for life as we know it.

The six tracks on this EP were produced by Blazy himself. Not only can Blazy spit, he is a really good producer as well. Press play on ‘The Final Hour’ and leave a comment below.

‘The Final Hour’ Tracklist

1 Hypnotic (cuts by DJ Techneek)

2 Lost And Forgotte

3 Good Vibes (cuts by Defjamblaster)

4 The Gift (cuts by DJ Tech-Neek)

5 The Last Resort

6 Trojan Horse (cuts by Defjamblaster)

*** All tracks produced by Blazy for Guttamouf recordings***

Yoel Molina Law

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