Phocuz & J-Mac – Vibes R Eternal 1.5

Phocuz and J-Mac release the ‘Vibes R Eternal 1.5’ EP.

Following their 2017 album Vibes R Eternal, rapper Phocuz and producer J-Mac began recording the project’s sequel, Vibes R Eternal 2. By 2019, the duo’s recording sessions yielded more records than anticipated. Today, five tracks from those sessions are relinquished in the form of the Vibes R Eternal 1.5 EP, serving as a prelude to the series’ full-length sequel.

“[When recording] ‘Vibes R Eternal’ part 2, we made sure J-Mac was making the hardest beats, and I was matching that same energy with my rhymes. ‘VRE 1.5’ is just a taste of what’s to come in the sequel. So, all my lyrical lovers, get ready!” ~ Phocuz

“With the sequel, we wanted to make sure that we took the right approach, and gave the quality music we expect out of ourselves for the listeners. After the recording process, we realized how long it had been since we put out the first project. Time flies! So, as we listened back to the records, it almost sounded like two different projects – so, we figured we would do just that.” ~ J-Mac

Yoel Molina Law

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