R.I.S.K & KHEYZINE Release One For The “Lost Soul” In All Of Us

R.I.S.K & KHEYZINE - Lost Soul (EP)

R.I.S.K and KHEYZINE release their new “Lost Soul” EP.

Hip-Hop is stronger than ever, if you actually search for it. It is also the top genre of music at this time. Hip-Hop has taken over the world of music, and this new EP from R.I.S.K. and KHEYZINE adds to this. The production on “Lost Soul” is kind of dark and sinister and at the same very Hip-Hop.

R.I.S.K may have sent a signal in the air like Batman and found those souls that may have been lost. He is carrying on the tradition of those artist who put the truth of life in their rhymes. “Lost Soul” includes features from KUTZ DIEGO, Mo Rukus, and NONCHALANTLY ZAY. The entire EP was produced by KHEYZINE himself.

Yoel Molina Law

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