Kahlee & Innate Attack Social Ills On Their “Soapbox Chronicles” EP

Kahlee & Innate - Soapbox Chronicles (EP)

Kahlee and Innate share with us their new “Soapbox Chronicles” EP.

Kahlee and Innate attack many of the issues with our society on their new “Soapbox Chronicles” EP. It is all a big game, some know this and some don’t. Many of the things that we see on television and social media appear to so strange that they can’t be real. Along with the internet trolls will get you cancelled for you can tell your side of the story.

Kahlee, Ralph Quasar, Ric Scales, Cali the Dreamer, Real J. Wallace, Miki Vale, Apollo & Beto Perez Release “For The Culture” Remix

“Soapbox Chronicles” is a strong seven tracks with a variety of production from Innate. Our favorite track in terms of production would have to be “Mediocrity.” The Jazzy sound on this track allows Kahlee to express and focus on himself.

“Sociopolitical commentary… We might agree or disagree on who our favorite team is or what rules we should follow, but there’s some major human behavioral issues that are too often ignored.. Maybe I’m getting into some of that… Maybe I’m just talking shit… You tell me what you think…” – Kahlee

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