Xavier Omär Delivers Sonic Richness And Real-life Emotions On “b l u r r” EP

Xavier Omär - b l u r r (EP)

Xavier Omär returns with his new “b l u r r” EP.

Texas-based singer/songwriter Xavier Omär debuts a five-song EP titled b l u r r. The project features production from Jay Versace, Oxthello, Sango, Savon, Kaelin Ellis, Stwo, Bizness Boi, Derelle Rideout, Pelham & Junior, Billy Blunt, Justin Crawford, ROM and Shaan. Lead single “Feelings 4 You” is a soulful track inspired by Omär’s own romance with his wife that landed Best R&B of The Week with Uproxx and was praised by BET, SoulBounce, RatedR&B, SoulTracks and more. The second single “Tarantino” produced by Sango and Stwo, is a “summertime bop” that took lyrical cues from his dad’s decision to pursue a woman who was already engaged and became his wife. The song landed Best New Tracks at HYPEBEAST, amongst others.

Xavier Omär Shares Heartfelt “Feelings 4 You”

“Each time I search sonically, lyrically and visually to be able to give people something that’s not just a rehash of what they’ve heard before,” explains Omär. “I want to convey emotion in every lyric and note choice I make. Whether you already know my music or are hearing it for the first time, you can step in and absolutely connect with a feeling you may not have found the words for yet.”

Rounding out the b l u r r EP are an insightful look at overcoming life’s challenges while seeking what’s needed to get back on the right tack (“A Dream” featuring Pat Junior); the frustrations that can arise in any relationship, told from the female perspective (“A Concept”) and the folly of trying to outrun your problems instead of facing them head-on (“Not In LA”). In every instance, each selection showcases Omär’s unerring skillset in taking the left-of-center route to create his singular brand of pop-, jazz-, rock-and rap-infused R&B. R

Xavier Omär’s previous project 2020’s if You Feel LP landed on NPR staff picks for The Best Music of 2020. The album was declared his “his most powerful work to date” by RNGLDR while EUPHORIA. said it’s “the perfect blend of traditional and experimental R&B.” Moreover, SoulBounce proclaims Omär is “R&B’s criminally underrated secret weapon” while Okayplayer names him “one of R&B’s most hidden gems.” In 2021, NPR partnered for a Tiny Desk (Home) Concert and said “he’s on a clear path to R&B greatness.”

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