Freddie Black Is Where He Should Be With Release Of “Love Live Life” EP

Freddie Black - Love Live Life EP

Freddie Black is back with his new “Love Live Life” EP.

Freddie Black is one of those artists who makes you look inward the music he creates and shares with the world. His new EP title “Love Live Life” is a five track project that oozes with jewels for living your best life. We get one life and living it to the fullest should be what is should be foremost on your mind. Freddie Black is a prime example of living his life to the fullest and will to pay the price to do so.\

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Some live this life as if it were a dream. However, others live it as if tomorrow will never come. The sacrifices you make early in life will pay off if you stay on track. Freddie Black speaks his peace on “Love Live Life” EP and it feels right. Freddie is making beautiful music for the world to tap into and enjoy. Take the trip with him to a beautiful tomorrow and always choice life.

Freddie Black - Love Live Life EP

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