KASIMTHEDREAM Drops ‘Dreamland VOL 1’ Ep


KASIMTHEDREAM makes his debut on SpitFireHipHop with his “Dreamland Vol. 1” Ep.

Back in the days when you described a rapper from Texas, you’d think the artists makes slow music a listener cab ride to, something suitable for your car. Nowadays the identity of Texas music, is that there is no identity. The versatility of Texas music has grown exponentially, and Beaumont, Texas native KASIMTHEDREAM, epitomizes the growth in the music.

On new EP, DREAMLAND VOL 1KASIMTHEDREAM used 6-tracks to display his smooth, cool and auto-tuned melodic sound and pay tribute to his Texas roots. On the first three tracks, KASIMTHEDREAM showed listeners that his style is out of this world as he rapped over a outer-space-style melodic production.

Although KASIMTHEDREAM clearly has a style of his own, the Texas native keeps it trill on the opening track, “MONOLITH.” Over the NoBetter produced track, the Beaumont native created an anthem-style track that pays homage to Texas lingo. On the track, he repeats, “I’m keepin’ it throwed yeah,.” Thorwed is a word that Texas native use to describe themselves in an honorable way. 

The second track off the DREAMLAND VOL 1 EP is dedicated to the the ladies, no secret on why he titled it, “DREAMGIRL.” Beefy08 produced a smooth track for KASIMTHEDREAM to use his lyrics to describe the perfect woman.

Track three, KASIMTHEDREAM self produced “SLICK” and he’s basically, trippin’ on the trippy track. This is the track that takes the listeners mind to another planet. 

The next three tracks are the same exact songs, just chopped. By chopping and screwing his music, KASIMTHEDREAM is showing us that yes, he’s unique, but he is keeping the Texas tradition alive. Jam KASIMTHEDREAM’s new EP DREAMLAND VOL 1 below and for more information on this artist, follow him on Instagram at KASIMTHEDREAM.

Yoel Molina Law

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