Jason Griff & Alaska Release “Pop Songs For The Apocalypse” EP

Jason Griff & Alaska - Pop Songs for the Apocalypse (EP)

Jason Griff and Alaska drop the new “Pop Songs For The Apocalypse” EP.

Following the success of the critically acclaimed Human Zoo, Jason Griff and Alaska are back with a new release, “Pop Songs for the Apocalypse.” The new EP consists of 12 songs spanning just over 15 minutes and plays as one long track blended seamlessly together. 

The EP was conceptually birthed from a youth spent obsessed with nuclear scares, satanic panics, revolutionary hip-hop and anarchist punk, Pop Songs for the Apocalypse drips with sarcastic cynicism and a fatalist distrust that can only come from Alaska and Jason Griff. Propelled by the breakneck neck pace of early 80s punk and the humorous venom of Ice Cube, no one is safe from being skewered, even the artists themselves.

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Pop Songs for the Apocalypse is the perfect blend of “Fuck you, get off my lawn” and “We’re all gonna die so we might as well enjoy it.” These sentiments quickly become apparent on the opening song “Blowhards,” where Alaska repeatedly proclaims “I ain’t trying to hear nothing that nobody says,” and continues throughout the EP taking shots at politicians, trust fund kids and doomsday preppers alike.

Pop Songs for the Apocalypse is not on any streaming platforms and is available exclusively via insubordinaterecords.com and Bandcamp. In addition to digital downloads, the EP is also available on cassette. Merch offerings include hoodies and coffee mugs. 

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