Journeymen – Pledge Of The Respirator EP |Review|

Journeymen Cover ArtSm The Journeymen are here with their debut EP which was  released on March 26. There are 6 tracks included on the “Pledge Of The Respirator” EP. This is six hard-hitting insightful tracks that the listener should learn from.

Listening to these tracks will heighten your  knowledge of world issues. The track ‘Chains and Sugar Cane” touches on the struggles of migrant workers to the Taino People. 

This is quality EP and should be shared as it is a change of what Hip Hop is promoting now. Hip Hop like this is not always promoted or easy to find so lets be sure find this group and support. Journeymen’s follow-up effort, a full-length LP entitled “The Guild”, is slated to include features from Sadat X, El da Sensei, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Journalist 103, PH formerly Pumpkinhead, Ali Shine (Medina Green) and Megadon, as well as production from DJ [MNTPLS].


You can listen to the entire EP below. Take a look at the cover are and the tracklist below.  Reach out to them via the following links: @weRjourneymen, BIG shout out to MicKey Boston @mickeyboston (MTL), John Wholetrain @johnwholetrain, and Melo Malo Paulino @melomalopaulino (NYC)for this project.

The track playing below is “Chains and Sugar Cane”.


Journeymen Cover Art Front

Journeymen Cover Art Front Back

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