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Frank Po is putting in working creating his buzz and it seems to be working. He has been featured on a number blogs including Spit Fire Hip Hop. We were able to catch with Frank Po to ask a few questions about the state of Hip Hop, who his influences are, and current projects.

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SFHH: You are getting a lot of attention. What do think this is due to?

Frank Po: I feel the attention I’m receiving is stemming from constantly putting out audio (freestyle material) and as of recently the start of me putting out visuals to my material.

SFHH: There is much work that goes in to creating a buzz. Who do you have as part of your team that is helping with this?

Frank Po: I have a small circle as far as my street team goes. But few friends (Jewlz and BMV) and Family (Grymz) help contribute. But i definitely have to say my camera man (Mak AzuBuike at New Mask Media) and my Producer (KeenBeatz) play a major role in helping me build my buzz. 

SFHH: We know that you are from Queens. Which part of Queens are you from?

Frank Po: I was raised in Lefrak City Queens (home of Noreaga and Kenny Anderson). I moved to South Jamaica Queens (home of 50cent) at the age of 13 and been out there ever since. So both of them are considered home to me.

SFHH: Who are your biggest influences in Hip Hop?

Frank Po: My hip hop influences rage from wide variety. I respect the hustle/creativity of artist such as 50 Cent, Jay Z, Jim Jones, T.I. But craft wise Big, Jay Z, Jadakiss, 2pac, Eminem, Method Man n so on. I also was influenced by the attention a movement can gain while marketing a brand such as Wu tang, Dip Set, G-unit etc.

SFHH: It seems now that the key to getting a deal is being popular on social media. There have been a few such as Trinidad James (who we think is a joke). What are you feelings on social media?

Frank Po: I feel social media is positive if used correct. I was forced to use it. I honestly was a battle rapper gaining my buzz from physically battling and cyphering with other rappers growing up. For years I swear someone would come pick up off the block in sign me (LOL). But the game drastically changed when the internet came into play. It’s like nowadays if you able to maintain whatever you’re presenting (good or bad) people will watch. Which makes thing hard for lyricist like myself. But I’m currently adapting to the times LOL and using the social media sites brand myself and tell my story to bigger audience.

SFHH: Is getting a major deal something that is part of your plans? Or do you have your own indie label?

Frank Po: I would love to have a machine behind me with a major. But when doing this since the age of 12 and constantly seeing others get where you deserve…you lose a lot love for it. So what was once a hobby out of love becomes business. And when conducting business you look to be compensated for the time you invest. I took a lot falls on my journey which lead me to believe I needed to learn more about this business. It helps you see that it’s a lot u can do for self before a label comes in the picture. So if I’m able to continue building my fan base i will continue working as an independent artist. But i can’t predict the future. I’ll just leave my decision in god’s hands.

SFHH: It used to be that you could recognize where an artist was from when you hear their music. It seems that everyone is using the same type of music. Do you think it is important to bring back that New York sound?

Frank Po: I think the current state of hip hop is wonderful. If everybody was doing the same shit the radio and TV wouldn’t have no jobs. I agree the NY sound is definitely in a class by itself. But being from NY you see NY don’t support their own so honestly they shouldn’t knock nobody else. I like my music to continue to grow and mature. The only way for that to happen is to work more with others from different places. But the key is to make MUSIC!Frank Po SFHH Exclusive Interview

SFHH: What do you think of the State of Hip Hop? Do you think there is enough of a good mix of artist being presented to the public?

Frank Po: Like I said it’s wonderful. If it’s something you love to do it’ ll show in your work. 

SFHH: Is there anyone in Hip Hop you would like to work with?

Frank Po: I would like to work with 50 Cent, T.I, Jim Jones, Juelz, Alicia Keys, K Michelle.

SFHH: What projects are you currently working on?

Frank Po:  I’m a currently working on my second mixtape (Business Never Personal) with an EPK/autobiography/Documentary. Shortly after i will be putting together an EP with my producer KeenBeatz.

SFHH: Where can people find you online?

Frank Po: Follow me on Instagram: GBA_Frankpo Follow me on twitter: @Frankpomusic www.facebook.com/Frankiepotenchu (like my fanpage: Frankpo) and subscribe at www.youtube.com/Frankpotv.

You should see him in our new segment called “Face The Fire” coming soon.

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