V. Nova – Talks “Hidden In Plain Sight”

V. Nova - Talks To Us Hidden In Plain SightBrooklyn rapper V. Nova presents the Philly Spielberg-directed music video for “How it Is”, the Crack Factory-produced new single featuring David Godfrey from his new mixtape Hidden in Plain Sight Volume 3: The New Commission (HIPS3). “How It Is” follows the release of the video for “I Still Love Her”.

One other HIPS3 single has also been released – “You Died” featuring Uncle Murda. Part of rap duo BOE & Villa, Nova has worked with Erick Sermon, MIDI Mafia, Denaun Porter of D-12, Wyclef Jean, Needlz, Mario Winans, Monifa, Rakim, Akinyele, Canibus, Fabolous, EPMD, Papoose, Funkmaster Flex, DJ Enuff and DJ Self. Nova’s upcoming mixtape is the third volume of his HIPS series (listen to Volume 1 and Volume 2).

“This record is inspired by the late Marvin Gaye and is my rap version of ‘What’s Goin On’,” says Nova. “The visual takes you through three different walks of life (from a Philly perspective), to all meet up at a boiling point. The conclusion is that even though times are hard, the righteous have a way of working things out.” HIPS3 is out now.

SFHH: Your new single “How It Is” seems to take a lot of inspiration from Marvin Gaye. How did that happen?

VN: I listen to a lot of Marvin Gaye throughout my days. As soon as I heard the track for “How It Is”, I knew it was right up that alley. The melody andV. Nova - Talks To Us Hidden In Plain Sight lyrics just came to me as if it was sent from Marvin himself. This is why he got the shout in the beginning. The soulful technique was definitely taken out of his handbook.

SFHH: What are the pros and cons of being a solo artist versus being in a duo?

VN: As a solo artist, the biggest pro would be the independence of ideas. Being able to paint the picture all by myself. The biggest con would be the more work that comes along with painting the picture all alone, versus the pro of being a duo where all I have to do is write half of a song and I’m done. The con of being a duo would be the timing of schedules.

SFHH: Will there be a Hidden In Plain Sight 4? Why or why not?

VN: As of now, this will be the last HIPS. I had in mind when I started the series that I would only do three volumes. I feel that it’s time to move to the next level where I am no longer hidden but known by and accessible to all. My next project is a followup to my first solo project titled Radio Advanced Poetry. It’s actually more of a prequel because I’m takin it back to when I was growing up: the Koch era.

SFHH:  What’s your favorite collaboration you’ve ever done with another rapper or rappers and why?

VN: I always tend to like my newest music the best so I would say the Smif-N-Wessun feature. That’s just a dope hip hop record. Still the best is yet to come. I have some new features I’m working on that are going to blow everyone’s mind.

SFHH: Regarding “How It Is” you said “even though times are hard, the righteous have a way of working things out.” What do you mean by that

VN: Righteousness is the first spiritual characteristic in existence. Therefore everything begins ad ends in it. As long as you keep righteousness at your top and humility at your ground, everything else is a piece of cake. Because at the end of the day, right is still right and that’s a win-win.

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