Souls Of Mischief’s A-Plus Announces New LP ‘Grow Theory’ & New Single With Del The Funky Homosapien

Souls Of Mischief's A-Plus Announces New LP ‘Grow Theory’

Souls Of Mischief’s A-Plus Announces New LP ‘Grow Theory’

Hieroglyphics is pleased to announce a new project from A-Plus and Kobody, ‘Grow Theory‘, which will be released at midnight tonight—9-7-2018. Besides still being heard and seen on national TV Ad campaigns (NBA etc) and being shouted out by Eminem on his recent guest appearance (“Majesty”) on Nicki Minaj’s Queen album, twenty-five years after he produced and had a standout role on 93 ‘Til Infinity, A-Plus is writing his next chapter. 2018 will see several releases in a career that has never slowed down, just veered between public and private.

The MC and producer has always spent his days making music; he only has been careful what to release and when. “I just do me, and it took me a while to figure out where I fit in, at least to myself,” he admits. “Nobody wants to see the old-school rapper try to fit in with what the new kids are doing. At the same time, nobody likes the guy who does nothing but hate on the kids either.” A-Plus is neither of those Rap caricatures. Instead, the producer for hits like “You Never Knew,” “Step To My Girl,” and “Corner Story” has surrounded himself with new voices. He (along with Casual) have mentored Knobody, an Oaktown MC on the Hiero label.

For years, A and Kno’ cultivated an album in Grow Theory. While its title nods to a particular herb, it best applies to artistic enrichment. A-Plus was inspired by the MC he has brought with him on the road for years. He produced the bulk of the album while sharing the mic. “We made this album exactly how we wanted to make it,” he says of the emphasis on DJ scratching, some accentual singing, and guest work from Del, The Grouch and others.
Before Grow Theory is released at midnight, A-Plus and Knobody let go of “Hard/Easy” featuring fellow Hiero brethren Del The Funky Homosapien.
A-Plus & Knobody’s Grow Theory will be released at midnight tonight (9-7-2018)

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Tracklisting & Credits for A-Plus & Knobody Grow Theory:

  1. ‘Theory’
  2. ‘Grow’
  3. ‘That Universal’ f/ Chela Simone
  4. ‘Along With Me’
  5. ‘Hard / Easy’ f/ Del The Funky Homosapien
  6. ‘Find My Way’
  7. ‘Been Loud (Roll Up)’ f/Equipto & Mike Marshall
  8. ‘Power People’ f/ The Grouch
  9. ‘The Madness’
  10. ‘Future Bright’ f/ Kimiko Joy
  11. ‘Expendables’

***All Tracks Produced by A-Plus except “Find My Way” Prodcued by Alex Daniel & “Expendables” Prodcued by A-Plus & AAGEE.

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