Bay Area Vet DJ True Justice Drops “Zip Zero” Single & Video Feat. Vocab Slick, Casual & Z-Man

DJ True Justice Feat. Vocab Slick, Casual & Z-Man - Zip Zero

DJ True Justice shares the new single and video for “Zip Zero” featuring Vocab Slick, Casual, and Z-Man.

UBO Entertainment is proud to share Bay Area DJ True Justice on his first single and video “Zip Zero” being dropped from his EP, “The Coach.” The song features Bay Area emcees Vocab Slick, Casual (of the infamous Hieroglyphics Crew) and Z-Man.

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DJ True Justice known as “The Man of Steel” and The Bay Area’s Most Exciting DJ knows how to get the crowd moving. “Zip Zero” is an anthem-style track that almost wasn’t even made. The “Zip Zero” music video references several Blaxploitation and cult classic films while DJ True Justice digs deep in his turntablism. The song itself is about ‘not giving a #$&!

While dropping the “Zip Zero” single is just the first play off DJ True Justice’s “The Coach” EP, he has been busy performing high profile gigs and staying sharp on the decks. This release also coincides with The 7th Annual Slap Frost Tour along with Z-Man and Vocab Slick who are all co-founders of this annual “Rap Vacation”. These Bay Area talents will be performing throughout the Midwest between March 25-April 8, 2022 and the West Coast leg kicking off Nov 3, 2022. The team has press tickets and interviews available upon request to UBOENT.

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