K.A.Y.O Da Konspiracy Delivers New Video “Winnin’” & New Album ‘BLVCKFVCE’

K.A.Y.O Da Konspiracy Delivers New Video Winnin' & New  ‘BLVCKFVCE' Album

K.A.Y.O Da Konspiracy begins the new year by dropping a new album titled ‘BLVCKFVCE’ and new video for “Winnin’.”

Houston rapper K.A.Y.O Da Konspiracy ended 2022 with a bang. On the 365 day of the year, he delivered the final video related to his latest BLVCKFVCE album.
In the cinematic video “Winnin’,” K.A.Y.O uses his lyrics to expose what he believes is the truth about what’s holding Black people back in America. In his own words, he said, ” Winnin’ is about an uprising for those who’ve been oppressed because of the color of their skin and their true identity.”

K.A.Y.O Da Konspiracy – Konflicted Addictions

He opens the song by saying, “The 13th amendment was never meant for us n**gas. They bought private properties and sent us to prisons. Draw guns on us and openly beat us senseless. Ronald Regan was like Satan his name was triple sixes.”
He goes on and name drop everybody who he thinks is responsible for the ongoing oppression of Black people.

BLVCKFVCE is K.AY.O’s critically acclaimed second album. It is a 9-track project that he uses to educate his listeners on the Black race. He reveals what he believes are lies that the media and the country are portraying. On the album, he receives help from excerpts from Black revolutionaries such as Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and more.

Not everyone uses their music to uplift an entire race, but K.A.Y.O Da Konspiracy does and does it often. His last album Konflicted Addictions did the same thing. K.A.Y.O. is continuing to raise the consciousness of his listeners. In addition to his new album and latest video, fans can stream his new single “Bebe Kids,” which is projected to be on his next album.

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