J.Sands – Continuing His Quest

J.Sands SFHH’s J. Santos recently caught up with the veteran MC from Pittsburgh, J. Sands.  He took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to sit down and discuss his recent projects, Sands on Sports, and his  trip to SXSW .  Let’s get into it!

SFHH: First of all thank you for taking the time to speak with me.

 JS: No problem Brother J.

 SFHH: Your most recent mixtape dropped a couple of months ago entitled “K.R.Sands”.  What inspired the name?

 JS: Well I never did mixtapes until recently, so I figured if I am gonna do them its going to have something behind it.  So I came up with an Idea to name all my mixtapes after my favorite rappers. I started with LL Cool J, now KRS…so we gotta see who will be next.

 SFHH: I understand you worked with DJ Bonics on this project. How did you connect with him?

 JS: Ive known him for a minute now, but we were never really like best buddies or anything.  My man DJ Outta Reach told me about his Heart Attack at the age of 30 and that hit me.  I originally was going to do the mixtape with Mick Boogie but I always wanted to get involved in causes.  This seemed the perfect time to do that by doing a mixtape but also bring about health awareness.

SFHH: You made your first trip to SXSW (South By Southwest) earlier this years. What was that like for those who may not know about SXSW?

 JS: It was amazing to see all the artist out there hustling. I havent been to one of these type of events since like 2001. So to see how many artist there are out there now was a dope experience.

 SFHH: Sands on Sports… How did you come up with this concept to incorporate sports and hip-hop? Do you have an athletic background?

 JS: yeah I played a lil sports in high school and college.  The idea came about because I wasn’t releasing any music but still wanted to stay in peoples face.  I was always hanging with rappers when they came thru town, so I figured why not interview them about sports. It has been fun and also a new passion for me.

SFHH: You  do a lot international tour dates. Where have your travels taken you recently?

JS: Earlier this year I did a European tour but I am a new daddy, so I am very picky about leaving home.  So you can say I am more of a studio artist than touring although I still get out there and kill the stage.SOS.jpg

SFHH: When do you find you do your best work? That is, what time of day?

JS: At night, when everyone is sleep and I can kick back and just dive into my music.

SFHH: Do you have a ritual you do to get in the right frame of mind to make music?

JS: Naw, I have been writing for so long that I can pretty much adjust to my environment. I guess a hot track but sometimes my writing doesn’t even involve a track.

SFHH: Do songs just pop into your head randomly and you pound it out?

JS: Yes that do, its like a zone.  I look at my CDs and rhyme books I have collected and don’t really remember the time and effort it took to get that out of me.

SFHH: Have you ever been banned from a place (bar, venue, state, country)?

JS: Naw, but I was on tour with some dudes and THEY was wilding and got us kicked out of Gent Belgium.

SFHH: What future projects do we have to look forward to from J. Sands?

JS: I am hoping to get my solo debut LP “The Poet Tree of Life” out sometime soon. so that is the #1 focus for me now.

SFHH: Where can the people find you?

JS: You can find me on twitter, facebook, google….and most definitely BUKAENT.COM. Thanks fam!

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