Mac Miller Speaks About Musical Inspiration For “Macadelic”

Mac Miller Inspiration

Mac Miller made an appearance on BET’s 106 & Park recently, and discussed the musical inspiration for his latest mixtape Macadelic, while on the show.

“I think, more than anything, with this one everything just came from my own thoughts,” Mac explained. “I really just took everything I’ve been through with music and traveling and working nonstop, just being tired, and not seeing any of my family and stuff.”

He also spoke on the more serious subject matter of Macadelic,

“I just talked about it, for once, instead of trying to make fun songs or something to party to. I just said some things that were inside of me.”

He continued, “I always think that I gotta make the songs for my fans that love the fun stuff. But this one, I just wanted to do for me, and I think it came across as genuine because the fans got to see what I wanted to say, and they really appreciated it.”


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