Big Sean Responds To Young Chop’s Beef

Big Sean Chop Diss

The producer Young Chop, of the G.O.O.D. Music single “I Don’t Like,” was outspoken about the fact that he “didn’t like” Kanye West changing up the beat without his permission.

Although the issue has since been resolved according to Young Chop, Big Sean gave his two cents on the matter in a recent interview with Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg.

“I just think it was a misunderstanding. You know how it goes. It’s all about communication sometimes. I think it was just a lack of communication between the two,” Big Sean said. “But it was a remix. I don’t know how official they were taking it, I don’t known if it was going on iTunes. It was just something that we were doing.”

He continued to say it’s just someone’s opinion, and although he doesn’t think Young Chop should have made such a big deal about it, that’s his choice.

“I can’t say he wrong, I can’t say he right. It’s all opinionated. It’s not about what’s right or wrong or what’s ethical. He could speak his mind, he got that choice himself. I didn’t personally think he should have made that big of a deal. I think it could have been handled inside, but if that’s what he wants to do, that’s what he wants to do. I can’t blame him.”

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