SFHH Exclusive: Cherie Johnson – Q&A On Her New Book “Peaches & Cream”

C. JohnsonSmMost of us know Cherie Johnson as an actress, she has now added producer to her list of titles.  For the past 10 years she has been producing films and has produced eight at this juncture.

She is now an accomplished writer with her first book “Around The World Twice” being released in 2010. She then released “Two Different Walks of Life”, and now her 3rd, “Peaches & Cream”.

Cherie has also added publisher to her list of titles; with her publishing company Cherific Publishing putting out “Peaches & Cream. We caught up with Cherie to ask a few questions about her new book.


SFHH: This is a really interesting read. Is this book loosely based on a true story?

Cherie: The story is completely fiction. I took some from people I do know. Peaches came from my name. There is a Peaches in every hood; a part of her lives inside of me.

SFHH: Uncle “Unk” Hendrix was a basketball star, and a big influence on Peaches. Does he ever make it to the NBA?

Cherie: Unk is very prevalent in Peaches’ life. You will have to read the book to see. You will read about the NBA…I don’t know who makes it to the NBA.

SFHH: Unk had Peaches running brown paper bags to people. What was in the brown paper bag?

Cherie: I don’t know if it is ever spelled out for the reader, but I think the reader can figure it out.

SFHH: Does Peaches ever know what “Unk” has her doing?

Cherie: Peaches did not have a clue and just wanted to please her uncle. She loves people deeply, and if there is something that she can do she will go out of her way to help.

SFHH: Peaches is only 14 years younger than her mother. What type of relationship do they have? Is it one of sisters, or is it a true mother, daughter relationship?

Cherie: Her mother is her mother. The relationship is close because Peaches wants to be her mother’s protector.

SFHH: Staying on the topic of parents. Early in the book her dad is referred to as “sperm donor” Where does Peaches’ dad stand, and what type of relationship does she have with him?

Cherie: I thought it was important to explain her relationship with her dad and I do so later in the book.

SFHH: Like all young kids Peaches becomes enamored with getting a puppy. This allows us to see her as a kid. Does she ever get the puppy?

Cherie: Peaches…I hate to give that away but she never gets her puppy.

SFHH: In chapter one of the book, Peaches stumbles across a collections of her uncle’s Playboy magazines. She says “I like the ladies with the big boobs. Is this a precursor to what we find out about Peaches in the future?

Cherie: Are you trying to say if Peaches is gay? We are going through this thing with Gay and Lesbian rights. Media Take Out took the clip of the book trailer where I was kissing another woman, froze it, and posted it on their site. Within an hour 750k people saw this.  She does not understand why it is such a big deal why it matters if it is a man or a woman that she likes.

My mom’s best friend, he was a queen, he knew he wanted to dress up like a woman early on.

SFHH: Early on it appears “Unk” gave Peaches the “hustlers” mentality which seems to be positive….

Cherie: Very early on she realized that she was pleasing her unk. She learned that money controlled your life – you spend your life chasing the almighty dollar. Peaches accomplishes everything she wants.

SFHH: Where can people find your book?

Cherie: They can find it on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. I will sign a copy if you have Paypal. Also, I will be doing a live stream Q&A session on November 3, 2012 at 12Noon (PST) on USTREAM.  People can also reach me on twitter @CherieJohnson75.

Check out the cover of the book below.

C. Johnson Peaches and Cream

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