2 Chainz – Why Felons Should Be Allowed To Vote

2 Chainz2 Chainz visits BET’s Don’t Sleep and talks about the “Respect My Vote” campaign as well as why felons should be allowed to vote.

2 Chainz has already given a tutorial for ex-felons teaching them how to vote, and now when visiting BET’s Don’t Sleep, he discusses why he thinks felons deserve a second chance when it comes to voting. He also talks about the “Respect My Vote” campaign, and using his star power as a platform to reach out to people and inform them on these topics.

During his conversation with T.J. Holmes about felons voting, he says “I just feel like everyone deserves a second chance, depending on the crime of course. Being that I was fifteen I feel like I wasn’t mature enough, I feel like I could have succumb to some kind of peer pressure. There was always older people around. That’s not an excuse for none of the things that took place, but just for me, I feel like if someone makes mistakes before they’re 18, or before they can even drive, I feel like they should just be given another opportunity, depending on how severe the case was.”

He then goes on to discuss the “Respect My Vote” campaign, and how he first learned he was eligible to vote.

Watch the full clip with 2 Chainz and T.J. Holmes below.

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