Game – Talks Name Change For Album, And More

GameGame talks about the change of his album title from “F.I.V.E.” to “Jesus Piece,” and reveals a bunch of the features.

Game is going strong in promoting his new album Jesus Piece, and he seems to be getting all the necessary media attention, whether it’s surrounding his album art, his 40 Glocc lawsuit, or Kendrick Lamar.

Game spoke with Beats TV about the album name change from F.I.V.E. to Jesus Piece, and in the process revealed a slew of features. Some we’ve already heard about, and some were new names.

Concerning the album’s name change, he explains how Trey Songz’ album name, Chapter V, was too similar to his, “I started off and the album was called F.I.V.E. and then Trey Songz stole the album title, but that’s my homie, and I talked to him about, and told since he stole the album title he should do a feature on what would be the new album.”

He then explains how he came to the name Jesus Piece, “I had a song on F.I.V.E. called ‘Jesus Piece’ with Kanye and Common, so I just figured since I’m coming with a whole new album at least take that track and center it around that, so I changed the name to Jesus Piece.” 

Game also lists off some features,”Everybody on the album sorta falls under this ‘Jesus Piece’ concept, everybody from Trey, to Rick Ross, to Wayne, to J. Cole.”

Other rappers Game revealed he worked with include Future and Young Jeezy. You’ll be able to hear all the features and cop the album December 11th.

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