T.I. – Talks About Outstanding Feature On “Trouble Man”

T.I.T.I. talks about Andre 3000’s feature on the track “Sorry” on his upcoming “Trouble Man” LP, and how incredible the verse is.

The King of the South, T.I., has been hyping up his much anticipated Trouble Man LP for quite some time now.  After giving a listening party for twelve of the tracks featured on the album, it looks like Tip’s latest project will be ready for the December 18th release date.  One of the most talked about tunes is his collaboration with Andre 3000 on “Sorry”.  Recently, T.I. talked about recording the record, and how Three Stacks came into the studio and dropped an outstanding verse, which might just be the best on the entire album.

The ATL natives had been trying to link up for a collaboration for some time but things had not come together, until one day the Outkast emcee called up and said he was ready to record.  “My phone rang, I missed a call, and then Miley say ‘hey 3000 called’,” T.I. explains Andre said to him, “He say, ‘you know what, I know we been trying to record this song since 2006, but today, I’m ready.’”

T.I. left 3000 alone to work on his verse, and before he knew it Andre had dropped some incredible bars, “He sits down, I leave, work on another record in another studio…I come back, and this n*gga done reconstructed my whole goddamn song in 45 like minutes.” Andre’s verse was so good that Tip was tempted to re-record his own verse, “If it was anybody else but him, I’d a changed my verse and got busy, but however, that was the homey, and it was like, a lot of the shit he said, that shit was really sentimental.”

There are some big name features on Trouble Man, but this ATL collaboration might be the one fans are most hyped for.

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