Wiz Khalifa – Discusses Snoop Dogg, Marriage, & Marijuana

Wiz Khalifa - On Larry King Live Wiz Khalifa sat down with Larry King for a conversation about his music, and life including his unborn son.

Wiz Khalifa’s is very excited about becoming become a father. Although Wiz and Amber aren’t married yet, Wiz told Larry King it’ll go down soon, although the party will happen after the baby is born. “We’re gonna get married before she has the baby and then do the wedding afterwards,” Wiz said.

Wiz tells Larry, he “can’t wait” for his son to be born. “To have a little me running around, it’s gonna be tight,” he said.

Larry King also brought up something else that’s near and dear to Wiz’s heart– his love of marijuana. Wiz doesn’t think it’ll effect his parenting negatively though, “Nah, I don’t think it will affect my son at all. Um, I think it’s just how your raised to think about marijuana and it’s going to be legal pretty soon anyway.”

We all know the side effects that are mentioned about marijuana, Wiz says it helps him get stuff done,”It makes me feel like I can get everything done in the right order. … If I think I’m doing better, then it’s working on my brain. It actually makes other people think I’m doing good too.”

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