Trel Mack – SFHH Exclusive Interview, Talks About The State Of Hip Hop

Trel Mack PictureSmExclusive: Trel Mack says “I really hope to see Beanie |Sigel| get a chance to put out some more material.”  We were able to slow Trel Mack and SKE Records to get a few minutes of his time. The Philadelphia native also reflects on the current state of Hip Hop.



SFHH: What do you feel about the current state of Hip-Hop, and where do you fit in?

Trel Mack: I think the current state of hip-hop is going into a new direction and is progressing. There are new and unique talents coming out every year, some are better than others but for the most part everyone is trying to find where they fit in this game so I wish everyone the best who are looking to pursue a career in it. I feel I can fit in wherever I land at in this industry, I’m not scared of change and pretty much can adapt to any situation while at the same time still being myself.

SFHH: What do you think of the new generation of rappers such as: A$AP Rocky, Joey Bada$$, and Kendrick Lamar, etc?

Trel Mack: Asap Rocky is pretty dope, I never really had the opportunity to listen to Joey Bada$$ but I’ve heard some ok things about him, but Kendrick Lamar is definitely dope and probably one of my favorites of the new generation. Kendrick is going to be around for while.

SFHH: What made you want to go the independent route? And did it have anything to do with the 360 deals that are being handed out lately?

Trel Mack: I put it like this you got to start from somewhere, the majority of artists start as an independent and then migrate to a major if they have the opportunity. I used to look down on 360 deals years back, but once I educated myself on the ins/outs and why the new structure had come into effect it all made sense. 360 deals create opportunities for artist if you really look at it, We all know that CDs aren’t selling so labels have to recoup that investment in some way. I believe the labels will get you certain deals that make sense for the overall brand of an artist while at the same time being able to do get the return on investment.

SFHH: How did you and Q The Question join forces to start SKE Records?

Trel Mack: We started Street Knowledge Entertainment back in 2006. At the time I was trying to find ways to put my music into other outlets and Q was on the grind doing his journalism thing trying to advance himself, we crossed paths many times before actually becoming a team. We were both at a library in Philadelphia all the time trying to push our careers forward , and coincidentally after finding out the reasons why we both are always at the library, we come to find out it was music related. Through that we started SKE.


SFHH: We have a few of tracks [‘Dream of A Winner’ and ‘No Holding Back] in rotation on Spit Fire Radio Show. How has the Inspired By Greatness EP been performing since dropping in September?

Trel Mack: Thanks for spinning those records, “Inspired By Greatness” is doing absolutely great man and its picking up more and more as days go by. I am happy that people are satisfied with the product.

SFHH: What is your preparation process when creating/writing songs?

Trel Mack: Making sure my blackberry is charged up for that is where I compose my lyrics, making sure my Trel Mack - Interviewheadphones are working up to par and are bumping. If my headphones aren’t working out of one ear, I run and get a new pair on the spot. I need to hear the music coming in both ears.  Last but not least, making the dope production are all sync in my iPhone, that’s it.

SFHH: At this point everyone that has been following you knows that you are from Philadelphia. Philly has had a number of rappers that have made noise in the rap game. Is this something that you consider when creating and performing? Is it something that you feel you need to live up to?

Trel Mack: That’s a good question, Well Philly has a lot of good talent so with that being said me, as a recording artist want to put the best material coming out of Philly along with the other great artist that are doing their thing.  I don’t feel like I have a need to live up to anyone or anything but giving my fans great material. I have my own lane that I am pursuing so I just have to live up and be the person that controls that lane while at the same time inspire other people.

SFHH: Continuing with Philly rappers. Who are your favorites from your city?

Trel Mack: I rocks with Will Smith, a lot of people don’t realize how dope he was. Meek Mill doing his thing, I definitely rocks with Beanie Sigel. I think he is a great lyricist that has a story, I really hope to see Beanie get a chance to put out some more material.

SFHH: When branding a product one needs to keep in mind the ‘Unique Selling Proposition.’ What is it that separates you from every other rapper?

Trel Mack: I believe I am in a unique position already coming out Philadelphia’s hip-hop scene because of my style of music.  Philadelphia is very big on the hard street music which is great, I mean the city has to be known for something. However when people hear my music they say I don’t sound like I am from Philly musically. I get that almost 99.9 percent of the time, so that’s a plus that I can roll with. Overall, what makes me unique musically is being myself and telling my story, people fail to realize that’s all it takes. No one human being is the same in general, so applying that to music with real emotion and passion makes an artist unique. I propose to give the people what they want in the best way possible where they too can relate with me through music.

SFHH: You appear to be a cerebral dude. Who do you make your music for?

Trel Mack: I make music for everybody that loves music and can enjoy it. I make music for the happy person, the sad person, the spontaneous person , the emotional person, the wild person and etc. To make a long story short I make it for everybody.

SFHH: What would you be doing if not carving out a career as a rapper?

Trel Mack: My focus would be building Street Knowledge Entertainment and making opportunities happen for people who has great talent and deserve it.

SFHH: Where can people find? How do they contact you and SKE Records?

Trel Mack: You can find me on twitter, Facebook, and instagram @trelmack also at and

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