DJ YRS Jerzy Interview – SFHH Exclusive

qthequestion11It seems that DJ YRS Jerzy has been doing this for many years now, but yet he is still in his teens. Spit Fire Hip Hop was able to sit down with Jerzy and he was gracious enough to answer a few questions. He has had a few exciting changes recently which he will explain.

SFHH: We want to thank you for spending this time with us. How are things with you?

DJ Yrs Jerzy: Everything is good right now I’m just focusing on taking my career to the top along with my artists careers. I have a lot of projects in the works such as mixtapes and singles for the streets. They will all be very anticipated.

SFHH: You are a young dude, and you are doing so much right now.  How did you get started as a DJ?

DJ Yrs Jerzy: Many people don’t know my actual age which is 19 everyone always thinks I’m older. I started DJ-ing around 2 years ago at 17 that was the age I decided to become a serious mixtape DJ.

SFHH: You have put out a number of mixtapes to date.  Do you have any favorites, and why?

DJ Yrs Jerzy: I really don’t like to choose favorites but I really like almost every mixtape that I dropped. If I had to choose it would be my first mixtape “International Hustle” it was a mixture of artists from Paris, France and over here in the US. It was the first mixtape I hosted and I was already getting international exposure.

SFHH: Most DJs benefit from being part of a DJ crew. Are you part of any DJ crew(s)?DJ YRS Jerz

DJ Yrs Jerzy: I’m with the Blok Club DJs right now they are based out in Chicago but it spread to New York and New Jersey now even down south. I think that all DJs need a team to run with, but I mostly drop projects on my own.

SFHH: It seems that many people in the industry have many different jobs? Do you do anything else in the industry outside of being a DJ?

DJ Yrs Jerzy: Yes, I am a manager and a promotional director for an upcoming website I also do artist promotion I have relationships with a lot of websites and radio stations outside of hip hop vibe.

SFHH: Are there any DJs that you have kind of patterned yourself after or admired coming up?

DJ Yrs Jerzy: I always listened to Funk Master Flex on hot 97 growing up in New Jersey. DJ drama was another DJ I looked up to too because he was always and still is in the mixtape game. They were both people that paved the way for many of us DJs.

SFHH: How do you choose the artists that you work with or put out mixtapes with?

DJ Yrs Jerzy: If I like your music I will work with you that’s basically how I run things. Plenty of artists contact me for hosting but if the music isn’t something I would see myself hosting I couldn’t even do it. Artists have to know that when u send a DJ music make sure that it’s you best material.

SFHH: Last month we announced via our site that you joined the SKE Records movement. How did this come about?

DJ Yrs Jerzy: Well me and the Co-Ceo also known as Q The Question have been networking for a while and we decided we should drop a project to see how it would come out. He seen the work that I put in to promote the mixtape and from there everything started to take off. After he seen my grind and all the projects I’ve been working on he decided to add me to the label as head of promotions for Street Knowledge Entertainment better known as SKE Records.

SFHH: What should we look forward to with you joining SKE Records?

DJ Yrs Jerzy: The whole camp is working on several solo projects in the future we plan on doing a collaboration with everyone on the roster. I will definitely be dropping plenty of mixtapes and staying on my grind. This is just the beginning I have a lot of work to do.

SFHH: How would an artist get on one of your mixtapes?

DJ Yrs Jerzy: They would DJ YRS Jerz2have to send me there best work and make sure that every song you submit is tagged right. Also make sure to send me a couple links that your music is featured on. I like to see that I am putting a dope track on my mixtape that has exposure already that way when people hear the song on my mixtape it can already sound familiar.

SFHH: What project are you working on currently?

DJ Yrs Jerzy: I am working on “Beats 4 The Trap 2” with a producer I manage named Lex Gunna. We dropped volume 1 about two or three months ago the project got a lot of downloads so we decided to drop another one. We don’t have a release date for it yet but it’s coming relly soon.

SFHH: Where can people find you online?

DJ Yrs Jerzy: Facebook: DJ YRS Jerzy   Twitter: @IAMDJYRSJERZY


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