E Major – Baltimore Bruin Coming Soon

E Major is a rising artist in Hip Hop. Originally from Baltimore this artist now sets-up camp in Los Angeles. I spoke with him about his new album titled “Baltimore Bruin” and what he thought of the current state of Hip Hop. E Major appears to be a cerebral dude and we should look forward to hearing lots from him going forward. E Major - Baltimore Bruin Album Coming Soon

J. Santos: How long have you been at this…how long have you been rhyming?

E Major: I started in high school but did not take it that seriously. It was more like I liked to rhyme on the bus to away games when I played basketball. At the end of college is when I started actually trying to rap. I went on to make my first solo album in ’08 called “Majority Rules” and that did pretty good locally (Baltimore).

“I do some production but recently I have been focused on the rhymes.”

J. Santos: When and why did you make the move from Baltimore to Los Angeles?

E Major: I moved out here 2 years ago. The reason being, I had done a lot in Baltimore and just wanted to knida see where else I could go. I had been on all of the college stations and even the Radio One affiliate there. I played so many shows and opened for so many artists and it was time to reach a bigger audience.

J. Santos: What do you think of the current state of Hip Hop?

E Major: It’s funny you know. There always pluses and minuses to everything. Back in the day we complained about the radio, now you can get whatever you want but still the radio sucks. It is kinda hard to dig through the shit. But if you are an informed listener you want “Boom Bap” hip hop that sounds like the ’90s you kind find it. You can find dudes that are making now that sound like that. If you want some shit sounds like it is from outer space, it’s there. If you want “Trap” music it’s there, it’s all there. I am not mad at the current state, I do think that a million dudes that rap with the Drake flow, that’s weak. But that’s you choice. I can choose not to listen to that crap. I actually like a lot of songs that Drake makes when he raps, I hate when he sings. But I am not trying to sound Drake, I am not trying to sound Kanye, I am not trying to sound like somebody else, that shit is weak. Back in the day you caught called out for that.

“I can’t hate on singing. I happen to like singing…If I could sing I would.”

J. Santos: Do you think it is important to convey a message in your music.

E Major: I do try to have a message for certain songs. But I love rap shit, don’t get me wrong….a dude just boasting that’s hip hop. I love to talk shit, that’s fun. A lot of times that’s the most fun stuff to write. But you know every now and then you get down and dirty and you really kinda delve in to a subject. And usually I hear a beat and it’s like oh that song is about something and then I go from there.

J. Santos: Just quoting a line in your song “Feature Presentation” where you say “Stolen credits cards at the mall got maxed out.” Is this something this something that really happened?

E Major: Yes

J. Santos: What were you doing before you started rhyming?

E Major: I was going to college and I also do graphic design. I am a visual artist so the way I experience the world is through art.

Baltimore Bruin Coming Soon

J. Santos: Your new project “Baltimore Bruin” will drop next month. How did you come up with the title?

E Major: Well when I was younger I always thought I was going to UCLA and be a “Bruin.” Because back in the day their hoop squad was mean. And I thought I was goin to play ball for them. Just moving out here, I do have an affection for Los Angeles and it has always been kinda of my second home. I used to come out here once a year. Now living out here “Baltimore Bruin” is a way of saying I’m from Baltimore and that will never leave me, that’s who I am. But I love L.A. at the same time.

J. Santos: What will listeners learn about you on this your album?

E Major: I am always dropping little things…I love how you picked up a little jewel there about kinda of the shit I used to do. That’s the kinda of stuff that I drop. I don’t there is anything big and overt but you will hear stuff if you really want to listen. Even when I am shit talking…little things will be in there to tell you who I am.

“I’m more like a regular guy that just rhymes…trying to quit my regular job in rough times”

J. Santos: Do you have any features on the album?

E Major: Yeah I do. I got a couple guys from Baltimore Kay Mayfield (via Long Island) he’s been doing some good things. My homie Rome C from West Baltimore. And Kaimbr from “The Low Budget Crew” out of Washington (DC). As far as production Roddy Rod from the “Low Budget Crew.” And my home girl Cynthia sang on “Feature Presentation” she’s amazing. I hope I did not forget anyone.

J. Santos: What is the process like for you when recording?

E Major: I probably frustrate a lot of producers because I get lots and lots of beats. From that I pull out the ones that work. I let the beat speak to me. I usually come up with the hook first becuase that’s kinda of the core and then I write my verses. I do most of the time record a number of songs you never hear. I will make 16 songs and pick 11. I try to keep it short because I like to have the real solid shit and if something is not working it goes in to the vault.

Be sure to look for the new album from E Major next in August. 

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